How often I did meet ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment too small ? I cannot count. On one of the database I am currently administrating it is about once a day. Back to Oracle 7 and 8, the solution was usually to size the rollback segments properly. Using big rollback segments for big jobs, […]

oow2k6 sessions

the sessions I registered with for oracle open world 2006 are the following : Monday 10:45 : Bryn LLewellyn, PLSQL Manager, will talk about PLSQL future in the next release (11g) : session S281172 Monday 12:30 : Andrew Clarke, Oracle ACE, will talk about unit testing in PL/SQL : session 282112 Monday 15:15 : Thomas […]

OpenWorld Connect Group Oracle Blogger

I created a new group in OpenWorld Connect. In San Francisco I would like to meat other people writing and reading blogs. If you have not actived openworld connect yet, you can update your profile on http://www.cplan.com/oracleopenworld2006/leverageoptin, than join the Oracle Blogger group at Oracle Blogger

tablespace maintenance tasks

I just had to guide one of our DBA this morning. How to get free of segments in SYSTEM tablespace : tables SQL> select owner, table_name from dba_tables where tablespace_name=’SYSTEM’ and owner not in (‘SYS’,’SYSTEM’,’OUTLN’); OWNER TABLE_NAME —– ———- SCOTT T SQL> alter table scott.t move tablespace users; Table altered. SQL> select owner, table_name from […]


I recently posted about Oracle Password Repository (OPR). I did get a comment from Andreas Piesk about something similar in Oracle, the wallet. Let’s do a quick test. First, I create a .sqlnet.ora in my home directory (I do not want to mess up the system-wide sqlnet.ora). $ cat /home/lsc/.sqlnet.ora SQLNET.WALLET_OVERRIDE=TRUE WALLET_LOCATION=(SOURCE=(METHOD=FILE)(METHOD_DATA=(DIRECTORY=/home/lsc))) I now create […]

select last rows

I just read about a query to retrieve last modification row of a date SQL> SELECT ora_rowscn FROM tab_test; ORA_ROWSCN ———- 351744 351744 351744 351744 351744 351744 6 rows selected. SQL> UPDATE tab_test SET valeur=valeur*1.1 WHERE col_id=1; 3 rows updated. SQL> commit; Commit complete SQL> SELECT ora_rowscn FROM tab_test: ORA_ROWSCN ———- 351744 351744 351744 371423 […]

OTN forums new release

I read forums.oracle.com frequently. I have read and answered thousands of questions there. Those days, they launched a new release, I do not know what the improvements are, but it is fairly unstable. Well, it has been worst in the past, but I keep getting We’re sorry, the server encountered an unexpected condition and timetouts […]