Oracle OpenWorld 2006

I just registered to Oracle OpenWorld in October in San Francisco… Well, I know it is a long long long way to the west, but I will survive again, but this time I will avoid Delta Airlines, they refused to serve me a glass of wine last year in the plane! I am going to take maybe Lufthansa.

As an ACE, I got the Oracle Develop for free this year too. I also took the gold pass, well, waiting hours for keynotes is just too much boring. Since it is the only thing I pay myself (ok wine in the plane too), I guess this 150$ investment is ok.

If available, I will try the Oracle Application Server OCP Beta exam 1Z1-312 in SF. Also, I will ask them why this OCM 10g upgrade is still not available.

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  1. I’d like to go to OpenWorld, but I’d have to pay for the whole thing, so I spent this morning looking for a flight and a hotel (and the “free” word anywhere!). I’ve found them. I’ve left the decision for another day.
    I’d like to go sightseeing too, the Moscone Center would be too little for a journey to San Francisco.

    My RAC article is out here.

  2. well, my company did book a flight+hotel for me, I will go via London and arrive on saturday in sf, I will be residing in fisherman wharf, which is apparently 3 miles away from the moscone center.
    they have a pool, I hope it is free, last year the pool facility was charged 25$ + tax… quite creasy when I never pay more than 4$ in switzerland!

  3. Hi Laurent,
    I almost got a pass and a travel package to the OOW this year too but due to some change in the circustance, this possiblity vanished. Too bad – would be nice to meet there. Maybe next time. Are you coming to the UKOUG 2006, perhaps?
    Anyway, have a good trip. Btw, Lufthansa is my favorite one.

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