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oow2k6 sessions

the sessions I registered with for oracle open world 2006 are the following :

Monday 10:45 : Bryn LLewellyn, PLSQL Manager, will talk about PLSQL future in the next release (11g) : session S281172

Monday 12:30 : Andrew Clarke, Oracle ACE, will talk about unit testing in PL/SQL : session 282112

Monday 15:15 : Thomas Kyte, Oracle ACE and asktom owner, will talk about sql worst practice : session 281206

Monday 16:15 : Steven Feuerstein, Oracle ACE and PL/SQL author, will talk about 10 Things You Should NEVER Do in PL/SQL : session 281918

Tuesday 13:15 : Sue Harper, SQL Developer Product Manager, and Kris Rice, Director of Database Tools Research, will talk about Advanced Database Development with Oracle SQL Developer : session 281142

Tuesday 16:30 : Wim Coekaerts, Oracle ACE and Linux Principal, will talk about Securing Linux for Oracle : session 281224

Thursday 09:30 : Werner Puschitz, Oracle ACE, will talk about Automated Oracle Real Application Clusters Deployment : Session 283479

I have booked a few more sessions, about Virtual Directory, Application Server and Grid Control.

I will be at the OTN lounge to play chess or othello at any time 🙂


By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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Thanks for letting me know when my session is. You got to sign up before I was told when it is 🙂

I just changed a couple of my sessions based off of your picks. I was going to go to “SQL Developer Unleashed” but the SQL Dev session you signed up for looks much better.

If only I knew how to play chess…

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