11g new features part II

I have been following 2 sessions with Juan Loaiza about new features.

A very few of them here :

SQL> create edition v1_0;
SQL> alter session set edition=v1_0;

You can create a versioning of your objects, so you will be able to have many versions of the same package at the same time. It is a bit similar to workspace, where you have many versions of the data at the same time. It is very profitable in release management and availability.

About the cache result hint, you can also use
alter session cache results;, which can be useful for lookup table. As commented on a previous post, you can still use the old alter table cache; or the keep buffer pool. It depends.

Performance enhancement in the RAC interconnect.

Server side connection pooling. An additional layer to the shared server, to enable faster [actually to bypass] session creation.
edit: check Database Resident Connection Pooling

Securefiles. This is a good one. It is a huge improvement to BLOB. Faster, with compression, encryption.

Partition interval. This is a marvelous one ! You can now partition by date, one partition per month for example, with automatic partition creation.

Rman backup can bypass undo. Undo tablespaces are getting huge, but contain lots of useless information. Now rman can bypass those types of tablespace. Great for exporting a tablespace from backup.

Capture/replay workload. Sounds appealing. You can capture the workload in prod and apply it in development.

Many other enhancement.

Juan expect to see a Petabyte single database, with a terabyte of memory and 1000 cpus before the end of the decade

this was a 2006 announcement, not all features announced have been implemented in prod

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  1. You mention object versioning, but with 11g I get the error below.

    SQL> create edition v1_0;
    create edition v1_0
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00901: invalid CREATE command

    What that in a beta? Do you have any other details about object versioning?

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