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In 2006, I blogged about 11g new features part II. At that time 11g was in alpha or early beta stage.

One of the new feature announced at OpenWorld 2006 was multiversioning. Like you have multiple versions of your packages running at the same time.

Unfortunately, the feature has not been implemented in 11g Release 1.

As you can see, the CREATE EDITION command does not work :
SQL> create edition v1;
create edition v1
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00901: invalid CREATE command

SQL> alter session set edition=v1;
ORA-38802: edition does not exist

The error messages ORA-38801 to ORA-38816 refer to EDITIONS.

SQL> select * from dba_editions;
------------ ------------------- ------

SQL> alter session set edition=ora$base;

Session altered.

Apparently the feature is implemented, but not ready to be used. Be patient …

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. Hey Laurent,

    I remember at the 2006 UKOUG Tom Kyte did a “whats coming” talk and the multi versioning was his killer feature for upgrading to 11g. I was well sold, as it seemed to offer a downtime free way of doing releases of our in house applications. To be fair a more skeptical colleague was concerned at how reliable this feature might be with the first release, and it would appear that this is borne out with it’s non-appearance in 11.1.
    Sure it’ll come, but oracle obviously had some “issues” with it for the first release.

  2. hot patching ? well, it is there. Imagine you have a tiny security patch which only update the binary $ORACLE_HOME/bin/adapters. In 10gR2 you had to shut down the database to install the patch with OPatch, even the patch does not affect the database at all. In 11g, if the patch does not affect the database (for example by modifying $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle), then you do not have to shut down the database. However I fair you will still have to shutdown for patchset like or CPU Jan 2008. Let’s wait and see, I hope I am wrong 😈

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