Free blogging

Back in early 2005 I started this blog on Blogspot. Not being unserious about blogging, I bought this domain later in 2006 with paid hosting. I can recommend my GoDaddy provider for their support and attractive rates, but nowadays, I am no longer an active blogger. I’ll keep posting things occasionally on Saad posted the last comment back in February 2022 🙂

I thought I could maintain this site expenses covered by Google Ads. But this has been more annoying than profitable, it didn’t even cover the cost of the SSL certificate.

Anyway, see you on the free side of WordPress.

“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

1 thought on “Free blogging

  1. Madhu S

    Didn’t realize you are on WordPress too! I will switch to it. Thanks for all your insights and sharing your knowledge!

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