23c is out

but only for developers. You can get it from oracle.com as a RH8 rpm : https://www.google.ch/search?q=download+oracle+23c

You need about 6Gb in /opt and there is a

/etc/init.d/oracle-free-23c configure -i

command that does create a database for you.

Some goodies :

select 1;

select true;

create table if not exists t(x number);

arg 1 def xxx

select '&1'

Some badies that’ll make you swear:

Process ora_pmon_SID is now db_pmon_SID

desupport mkstore and owm

desupport 8/9/10/11 client (SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_CLIENT)

desupport 32bit clients

Read the doc and follow this blog 🙂