register database in Cloud Control with command line

a common task of the DBA is to add databases in EM. If you do it 1000 times, you’ll get bored. I guess…

sure you could go to EM Cloud Management Pack, but maybe you use SQLPLUS + Create database + catalog/catproc.

Okay, there are some ways/hacks to do it with emcli/emctl, but let’s face it, there is a tool around the corner that does everything for you :

Wait, that GUI thing? Yes and no. Just use the silent option. It is that simple.

dbca -silent
-templateName General_Purpose.dbc
-gdbname cdb1 -sid cdb1
-sysPassword ***
-systemPassword ***
-emConfiguration CENTRAL
-dbsnmpPassword ***
-emUser sysman
-emPassword ***
-omsPort 4900

Wait, that simple?

Yep 😉

More details on how to use silent dbca on