I wrote a few odbc articles using ODBCCONF in my blog, so I edit them because ODBCCONF will be removed; read

Using Powershell Add-OdbcDsn is much easier

PS> remove-OdbcDsn -name DB01 -dsntype User
PS> Add-OdbcDsn -name DB01 -DriverName
"Oracle in client12201" -DsnType "User"
-SetPropertyValue @("Server=DB01")
PS> Get-OdbcDsn

Name : DB01
DsnType : User
Platform : 64-bit
DriverName : Oracle in client12201
Attribute : {Password, StatementCache, ...}

PS> remove-OdbcDsn -name DB01 -dsntype User

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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