1. So if you lock all accounts in the database (incl. SYS) and then log out, can you still get in then?…

  2. Using the role ‘sysdba’ is not really the same like ‘sys’.
    One thing it’s not possible to grant rights to the dictionary:

    newsysadm@db01> grant select on sys.dba_users to new_user;
    ORA-1031 insufficient privileges

    That’s to keep in mind! 🙂

    Nevertheless a good article!!! :):):)

  3. SYSDBA is connecting as SYS

    SQL> grant sysdba to newsysadm;
    Grant succeeded.
    SQL> conn newsysadm/***@DB01 as sysdba
    SQL> sho user
    USER is "SYS"
    SQL> grant select on sys.dba_users to new_user;
    Grant succeeded.

    Don’t confuse role DBA and administrative privilege SYSDBA.
    Maybe of interest : sysdba

  4. Hi , can we lock the sys and system accounts in Oracle 11g. and how i can unlock them if i don’t have other administrator accounts

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