old jdbc driver generates ORA-28040

I read on note 401934.1 that Oracle 10gR2 jdbc clients are still supported with Oracle 12c.

I have an application using an oracle10gr2 jdbc, and connection to 12c generates ORA-28040.

Connection to 11gR2 works like a charm.


import java.util.Properties;
import java.sql.*;

public class O12 {
public static void main(String argv[]) throws
SQLException {
Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("user", "scott");
props.setProperty("password", "tiger");
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(
argv[0], props);
System.out.println("JDBC Version: "+


javac -cp ojdbc14.jar O12.java

test with jdbc db

java -cp ojdbc14.jar:. O12 jdbc:oracle:thin:@DB11204:1521:DB11204
JDBC Version:

test with jdbc db

java -cp ojdbc14.jar:. O12 jdbc:oracle:thin:@DB12102:1521:DB12102
Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol

The easy solution of course is to update the driver. Even without recompile it worked.

test with jdbc db

java -cp ojdbc5.jar:. O12 jdbc:oracle:thin:@DB12102:1521:DB12102
JDBC Version:

Before upgrading the db server to 12c, check 10g jdbc jar’s are upgraded

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By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. It still will work, if SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION is set to old value (i.e. 10).
    Of course, it’s better to update the jdbc driver anyway.

  2. Thanks Lucas. It is a good hint, with a 11gR2 listener, I could even connect with jdbc 9i to a 12c database.

    java -cp .:classes12.jar O12 jdbc:oracle:thin:@DB12102:1521:DB12102
    JDBC Version:

    However, with a 12cR1 listener and SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER=10 and jdbc, I still get the same ORA-28040

  3. I found on Metalink, you can also do

    java -cp .:classes12.jar O12 "{oracle.jdbc.V8Compatible=true}jdbc:oracle:thin:@DB12102:1521:DB12102"
    JDBC Version:

    This works with a 12c listener

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