to R1 or to R2

In the past, most of my customers skipped R1 releases. That is, 8.1.7 -> 9.2 -> 10.2 -> 11.2. SAP does the same. For the very first time SAP plans to go to + some PSU in spring 2015. But only to avoid running out of support and without any fancy feature like Multitenant or in Memory., which is not available on AIX yet, will be the last patchset of 12cR1. It is the first and only patchset for that release. It is actually more than a patchset, as it introduced in memory database and JSON in the database.

The next release is expected beginning of 2016 on Linux. patching ends January 2018.

Should I I go to an already aborted release or should I buy extended support for until 2018 ?

Probably I will go both ways, depending on the applications.

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  1. Mikhail Velikikh

    Hi Laurent,

    Today I received HOT TOPICS email with updated note:
    Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary (Doc ID 161818.1)
    Change history:
    14-Nov-2014 is terminal 12.1 Patch Set

    So, a month later from your blog post, the information became available to the general public 🙂

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