Do you really need ASO?

If you only use the Advanced Security Option for SSL, you may not need to pay for it !

License 11.2
When used with Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Advanced Security SSL/TLS is included.

But also
License 11.1
Network encryption (native network encryption and SSL/TLS) and strong authentication services (Kerberos, PKI, and RADIUS) are no longer part of Oracle Advanced Security and are available in all licensed editions of all supported releases of the Oracle database.

If SSL/TLS is no longer part of Advanced Security, what is then Oracle Advanced Security SSL/TLS ?

4 thoughts on “Do you really need ASO?

  1. Paul Bullen

    I think Oracle haven’t quite updated the documentation fully!

    The documentation is the same for 11.1 and 11.2, both state SSL/TLS are free with RAC, however they have updated the ASO part of the document to say that SSL/TLS is now free.

    There was a period (approx April 2012-June 2013) when SSL/TLS was still part of ASO, but because of CVE-2012-1675, they had to concede it was not chargeable if you used RAC due to the vulnerability. When 12c came out, ASO (SSL/TLS) suddenly became free, but they neglected to update the SSL/TLS ‘free rights’ to use bit for RAC.

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  3. Gabriela

    I am a SAM Consultant, and would like to unsderstand better about licensing “ASO native encryption and checksumming” that a technical colleague found installed in a client’s server with Oracle produts. Is it part of Advanced Security Option? With Enterprise Edition and Advanced security licenses woul be enough to cover the installations? Thank you very much. GABRIELA

  4. Laurent Schneider Post author

    The requirement for ASO for network encryption has been waived, your client is paying for an option he no longer need.

    Enterprise Edition is enough.

    In doubt, ask your sales representative

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