Book review : EM12c

OCM Oracle ACE Porus Homi Havewala wrote a new book on Cloud Control

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Managing Data Center Chaos

It is a book about Enterprise Manager, but also a book about the Chaos.

There is no separation of roles […] there is no DBA Designer (the Senior DBA) […] and no DBA Operator (the Junior DBA). The Senior […] does not even have the time […] the Junior then decides to try out different things

It is also a book about em. And about 12c. No mention of 12cR2, which is massively more performant.

I have been using 12c for about one year and multiple topics are covered. There is not much said on the Incident Manager, which seems to be powerfull but it is for me more time consuming than acknowledging the alerts in 10g/11g.

There is a huge advantage of using 12c, to deploy new agents and new targets in very large shops.

I have setup the software library in offline mode (download with pc from metalink and load in em with emcli), the offline fashion is not documented. In all the places where I have been working, an internet communication between outside world ( and database server is banned.

Lot’s of screenshots on Exadata. Not sure where the author could try it, the domain were grayed out (why not edit to with Photoshop? )

There is a lot of content (almost 400 pages), to mention only a few : Real Time ADDM, Real Application Testing, Database deployment, data masking.

At the end of book you will enjoy the case studies. Reading thru the lines, it is not always success stories, but rather expectations that em will do the job

The bank also wanted to ensure that their data center was in compliance with security best practices.

As in any IT book, you do not have to read it from page 1 to page 379, myself I have no DB Machine so I could skip the largest chapter which is on Exadata. But it is a pleasant lecture.

The book is very friendly with Oracle. I have experienced awful performance in 12cR1 and Internet Explorer, some annoying and unavoidable java exceptions in the web interface and the dumbest requirement for me was to install cygwin, bash, ssh on one windows server only to deploy the agent!

I recommend the book, it is a good book

3 thoughts on “Book review : EM12c

  1. Nicolas Gasparotto

    Laurent, with all the respect to the author, not sure that your comments about the book make me willing to read that book… I don’t get the point to have a EMCC12c on an Exadata to build examples for a book. There’s much easier way to achieve the same, started by a given Oracle VM template (there is one with
    Anyway, your environment description looks exactly like mine (offline patch, windows agent)… I also experienced a lot of issues when deploying 12c agent on Windows (in addition of the saying requirements, a lot of bugs).

    All the best,


  2. Laurent Schneider Post author


    Salut et bonne année !

    I do not know Oracle VM neither. Can you see the virtual temperature of the infiniband switch?

    Joke apart, it is quite difficult to find the right book for every one. Apart for the 11g OCM Upgrade, I have never used Real Application Testing. Somewhat interesting, but not free. Datamasking is surely good for tiny webshop and credit card number, but in a bank where you need to obfuscate 99% of the data, forget it !

    Toujours à ‘dam?

  3. Nicolas Gasparotto

    Bonne annee et bonne sante a toi Laurent ainsi qu’a toute ta famille.
    Yes, that’s right, a book cannot be made to satisfy everybody. But I would expect examples easy to be replayed.
    Sinon, oui, toujours a A’dam ou tu es toujours le bienvenue !


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