Enhancement Request : SSL listener and OEM

#em12c still does not support SSL ! Encrypting network connection (https, ssh, sftp) is common sense in today’s business.

In Enhancement Request 6512390, Created 19-Oct-2007, the customer requested support for SSL.

Most recent update : it is postponed to 13cR2 at least !

*** 09/14/12 04:04 am DISCUSSION ***As we kick off 13c release, cleaning up the ERs. Mass updating all 13%GC% ERs to fixby 13.2GC DEFER. If you want to implement ER in 13.1GC, please update the fixby to = 13.1GC, and update all the other fields as per guidelines published.

Considering the cost of oracle advanced security option (required to get ssl), the lack of ability to influence future product enhancement is disappointing

7 thoughts on “Enhancement Request : SSL listener and OEM

  1. Neil B

    I could not get 12c to install when I tried. It didn’t recognize the 12c app server when I tried to install. No https is terrible.

  2. Jakub Wartak

    Well perhaps it needs to be EM 13s (s for SSL/security). I’m finding it laughable that they want to charge premium for something as basic as MD5/3DES in 2012…

    As a hack you could try to set up OpenVPN/stunnel/ssh tunnel to certain destinations…

  3. Laurent Schneider Post author

    me too. it is bad to charge for such a basic network thing as ssl encryption.
    But imho it is even worst to not even support it in the cloud.

    Okay… still I will not use ssh tunnel. It also will not help for OEM

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