On the number of installed components

I recently posted about network fained fine grained security. More precisely, I posted about the new requirement to have XDB to be able to send a mail or do a nslookup on 11g.

What option should you install on your database ?


---------------------------------------- ----------
Oracle Database Catalog Views
Oracle Database Packages and Types

What else do you need? If you have java, you will need a java pool. If you have xdb, you will need a xdb schema. The more options you install, the more bugs you will get, the bigger the dictionary will be, the more memory you will need.

But in my experience the worst part of having java, xdb, olap and family installed on your database is that every upgrade will take you hours instead of minutes ! That’s for me a sufficient argument to stick to catalog and catproc (the top base components listed above).

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By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. Personally, I like having the JVM installed on my Oracle databases. There are just some things that cannot be done in PL/SQL or that Java does better.

  2. I believe Joel was referencing your misspelling of “fine” grained security. You wrote ” fained” grained security. Hence, the link to the definition of “fained”.

  3. I’ve uninstalled Oracle Workspace Manager on many many Dbs too. Most of the time it is not used, and has been installed by the DBA that did created the database, the same for interMedia/Text components.

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