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I have read on Surachart Opun’s blog that is available, but also that the patchset is now a full installation.

In the past, if you wanted to have or, you needed to install both the base version, or and the patchset, or Very often the patchset itself was bigger and took more time than the base database installation.
According to Note 1189783.1, it is now possible to install without having to install both + a patchset.

if you are installing Oracle Database on a system without an existing Oracle Database installation, then you can simply install the release patch set

I like this 🙂

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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Having the choice is nice. But I don’t like the idea to force the install in a new OH (Grid Infrastructure). Right now, the new OH path directory will need the fourth digit to be distinguished from already installed Oracle software. Without saying about oratab and so on…


OH (Grid Infrastructure) – we need to install new patched out-of-replace anyway.
Patch Sets Starting is good idea. It helps us avoid to spend much time installation (version release + patch set). but we have to have many free space (if upgrade patchsets).

Amazing! We’ve been asking for this for the last 15 years, Oracle finally delivered a simple install that doesn’t require two installs?
Unreal! Someone must be (finally) listening, in that company…

I agree with Nicolas. Coincidentally enough it sounds like we use a very similar scheme for the OH name. The MOS note does state that an in place upgrade is possible but I haven’t read into it yet.

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