Oracle – Sun, what has changed ?

Did you go to recently? You will land on !

But more will come.

The conference JavaOne will be in SanFrancisco with Oracle OpenWorld.

The Sun Developer Network and Bigadmin will be integrated in OTN.

Welcome Sun Developers Ensuring community continuity

MySql and have the Oracle logo.

That was fast! Well, Oracle is quite used to acquisition, only this week they bought AmberPoint and Convergin.

Still MySQL strategy will probably change, I cannot believe Oracle will encourage the users to save millions on Oracle License by migrating to MySQL

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

3 replies on “Oracle – Sun, what has changed ?”

what is your opinion as Oracle user regarding MySQL? Will it survive or will it just like what Monty afraid of?
I actually like to learn MySQL too, but a little bit worry with the survival of this database

not sure my opinion matters, I am not much of a mysql fan after all… Oracle committed to invest more more money on MySQL than Sun did.

Sun paid 2B$ for this free software, is it not a lot of money?

Yes it is true. Well I guess just learning and gain more knowledge would not hurt anything.
anyway, I just started to write my blog at for my personal references. If you have time please visit and help me to correct if I published anything wrong.


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