Oracle buys Sun : followup

After months of harassment between Oracle and Europe Commission, the deals got approved by the European Commission.

Still MySQL founder Monty Widenius wants to have Russia and China reject the deal to save the future of MySQL… This will delay the deals further. Good for IBM, bad for Oracle !

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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Well, bad for Oracle? Maybe soon you will have to pay for using Mysql in your blog… We will see for who it is bad…

In November 2009 Russia’s authorities linked the approval of the deal with the decision of the European Commission. So I think that the approval could follow in the coming weeks.

Russia’s community of bloggers interpreted the appeal of Mark quite ambiguous. Quite a lot of people do not understand the position of Mark. Why was it necessary to sell your business Sun, to get money, then leave the Sun and now to make a statement about freedom of MySQL?

the acquisition is completed, the Chinese/Russian block did not happend. Probably the economic pressure Oracle could put on Russia and China is more significant than a bunch of mysql fanatics 😉

I am not much the future prediction guy…

I was most surprised to see Compaq Tru64 on Alpha being decommissioned about one decade after the HP-Compaq deal. Such things are hard to know. However it is probably good for a product like MySQL that a company like Oracle invests big money in it…

Be patient, and as mentioned in other blogs, you can still stick to MySQL forks if you are an anti-oracle activist 😉


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