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It is quite a long time I did shot the pianist in my blog… probably patience and perseverance are better than aggressive behavior, but today I have been transfixed by an answer from metalink.

Sometimes the issues I submit are a bit exotic but there it was a join with one view using one function and dual returning wrong results. Reproducible at will on any db and below.

After 2 weeks the helpful engineer told me it is fixed with patch 6471020 and in 11g. I asked if he tried it but he said no. As the patch is not available on my platform I asked if could try it but then he came back with an amazing workaround he became from an ARE (advanced resolution engineer) :

Remove the function from the view.


By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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Dealing with Oracle support this week is reminiscent of a science fiction story I once read.

It was called “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream.”

It was about a malevolent Earth-sized computer that keeps people alive while torturing them.

I think it should be retitled “MOS.” Or maybe MOS should be retitled IHNMAIMS.”

Hi Laurent,

I am an OCM myself and recognize your experience very much.
When this happens I usually phone our Dutch Oracle Support number and request a manager escalation.
Most of the time that helps.
Sometimes I even request an engineer which has more skills.


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