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CONNECT no longer has CREATE VIEW, what’s next?

In my current project we are going to move from 9i to 10g really soon. One of the typical issue is to get the right privileges, because the schema owners typically had only CONNECT and RESOURCE, and that does no longer include CREATE VIEW in 10gR2.

I was just reading the 11gR2 readme today :
7.2 UNLIMITED TABLESPACE Privilege Changes
The UNLIMITED TABLESPACE system privilege will be removed from the RESOURCE role in a future Oracle Database release (reference Bug 7614645).

So, probably I should ask for TABLESPACE quotas before we go to 12g 😉

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

2 replies on “CONNECT no longer has CREATE VIEW, what’s next?”

It’s almost a surprise to see these roles still exists…
Anyway, it has been announced maybe for a decade now, CONNECT,RESOURCE and DBA roles should not be used.
Well, you still have quite sometimes to get the quotas 🙂


From 9i to 10g, there are also two additional privileges removed, create view and create database link.


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