is the latest patchset for 11gR1

You will get CPU and even PSU (Patch Set Updates are proactive cumulative patches comprised of recommended bug fixes that are released on a regular and predictable schedule)

But no more patchset. This the first time I see a release with only 1 pachset.

Well, if you use Linux, you can go to 11gR2. Otherwise you may better stick to for a few more months

Ref: 742060.1 is the last patch set for Release 11.1

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  2. It looks like Oracle wants to reduce the number of version (or release) in use.
    It seems, Oracle 9i is not available for download anymore, Oracle 10gR1 is less used, and Oracle 11gR1 has not been a great success so far (and probably won’t be).
    So, we have now two main versions, 10gR2 (I heard about patchset) and 11gR2 now.
    That confirm an old myth, never going in production within the release 1 of a new version…
    Not so long time ago, there were till 4 versions (or releases) in parallel, what’s a cost cutting.


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