Oracle on Mac

I just read a post from Barry Mc Gillin about apex on MacOsX.

After having being using Vista for one year, I would really welcome a Mac as my next notebook. But what about Oracle Database on Mac OS X?

According to otn, the latest release as of today is a deprecated 10gR1 for the deprecated platform PowerPC.

However, according to metalink, a 10gR2 is planned for the first quarter of 2009 (sic)
Db 10gR2 on MacOS X Intel
And 11g is planned too Db 11gR1 on MacOS X Intel, Schedule to be announced.

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. I would welcome Oracle on Mac OSX- that would be a wonderful thing. Oracle on a Mac Pro or Xserve would be rock solid.

    I switched to using a Mac nearly 2 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for productivity and stability.

  2. I agree–I’d love to have Oracle on Mac, but having used a Mac for more than 9 months and Windows before that, I can’t remember the last time I actually installed Oracle DB on the host OS. I’ve installed a client on the host OS, but all server-related experimentation has been done in VMs. VMWare Fusion on the Mac has been working very well for me in that regard.

    It should also be noted that there is an Instant Client for Mac OSX on x86, so there is *some* Oracle software (OCI, sqlplus) available for modern Macs.

  3. I would have to agree with the comment about VMs.

    I use a Mac at home and have Oracle 11g happily installed in a Linux VM. The VM keeps everything in a self contained package and means the Oracle installation is less likely to be broken whenever Apple has an OS update.

  4. Laurent, the link about 11g on MacOS return an Oracle error : “ORA-01403: no data found”. And I cannot find out anything in the certication matrix on Metalink about 11g and Mac.

  5. open an SR 🙂

    probably they have no tentative date, and the most optimistic date is way too depressing to put it on the website…

    So I will wait a few more months/years to get a mac 😉

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