Oracle buys Sun

I really enjoyed this news. It is both my favorite OS (Solaris) and my favorite database (Oracle) committing to a common future. I have been more than sceptical about Oracle Linux and Oracle Database Machine entering the Datacenter world, but now I feel relieved that Oracle is putting value in acquiring serious database platform (oracle/sparc) 🙂

On the application side, acquiring Java is more than a smart move against Websphere …


  • Laurent, I would share your point of view, as customers/users it is indeed a good news. It seems relevent if we are seeing back all the Oracle products evolution these last few years. Unfortunately, that won’t be a good news for everyone, especially for several thousands employees which are now on a layoff list (I’ve been told about 10,000). Well, it is always like that in such circumstances.

  • Understand. Sun was negotiating with IBM too. And without the Oracle deal, it would have not necessarly been better for Sun employees, but of course I do not know this…

    Also for MySQL fanatics it is not good news. And for .NET, it means serious competitor 🙂

  • Life is like a board game.

    Risk (game): ‘The goal of the game is “world domination,” to control all the territories—or “conquer the world”—through the elimination of the other players.’

    Battlestar Galactica: ‘Each of the 10 playable character has their own abilities and weaknesses, and must all work together in order for humanity to have any hope of survival’

    I really prefer the second one.


  • and chess, the most impressive is to sacrify your queen to mate your opponent 🙂

    sure it is about world domination for Oracle and hope of survival for Sun… !

    Thanks for the analogy

  • By the way, could I ask you what is doing Solaris your preferred OS ? Is it regarding a database server host or in general ?
    I won’t ask for Oracle database ? 🙂

  • Probably because it is an amazing plateform for database and system programming. Perhaps I am too much hooked on the Solaris Packaging. Or simply it is my first love in Unix.

    Same for Oracle of course…

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