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I have passed my Oracle 9i Certified Master exam in 2004. Since then the 10g exam has been in preparation.

Well, according to dba10gocm_upgrade the OCM Upgrade exam content has not been finalized.

There is also an OCM Member restricted website. In case you have the password, you can read :
More Great Benefits Coming Soon . . .

Soon=Forever+a few centuries?

According to Paul answer to my comment on his blog : we are developing a one-day upgrade exam for 10g OCM to 11g OCM and will include a streamlined path for 9i OCM to 11g OCM

Ok, I am a bit pessimistic about the future of OCM. As OCM Gregory Guillou posted on my previous blog post :
It doesn’t really make any sense to have an upgrade exam for the what ? 50 9i OCM ?

Since about last year there is a way more succesful exam suite. The Oracle Certified Expert. I did myself pass the rac and sql ones.

Ok, the news :
There is a new Oracle Certified Expert exam which is called : Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert

The exam is in Beta now, good luck to you!

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. I’ve given up on OCM upgrade by now. It’s been “coming soon” for the last year or more and I’m not really interested in 10g certifications at this point (11g has been out for almost 18 months…hello?!). If I do want to continue with OCM, I’ll probably just retake the 11g version–that would be a better accomplishment anyway, I think.

    I still argue over the classroom requirements for OCM. Paul almost sold me on the reasons for classroom training requirements for OCP (though I’m not quite all the way there), but the premise to the argument fails for OCMs who are tested with practical hands-on tests anyway. I guess we’ll have to continue waiting…

  2. My issue is that my clients don’t recognise the value of the OCM

    Only those that have actually done the OCM practicum realise what a true test of practical skills it is.

    Oracle themselves seem to show a greater emphasis on the ACE program

    These additional OCE qualifictations must also confuse the clients?

    Most of the time if a contract role does request certification, it will only say OCP

  3. yes, Real Application Cluster Certified Expert is sexier to put on the CV. It looks much nicer than oracle 9i ocm dba.

    Hey, Marco will surely be one the first XML certified expert

  4. Hi Laurent, are you preparing for that OCE 11g performance? What kind of materials you are using? If you have passed it, was it hard ? I’m wondering how much emphasis is put on that new 11g features like SPM, SPA and so on…

  5. Hi

    I’m also interested in the upgrade path from OCM9i–>(OCM10g)–>OCM11g
    (My “OCM page” is OCM9i certification passed on September 10, 2005 (Reading, UK).

    As an additional comment – it is practically impossible to change info at OTN OCM members after initial download. For example, here in Russia the phone call area codes were changed from +7 0967 xxx xxxx to +7 4967 xxx xxxx. I’ve sent a new version of the page for the known address … ukhmmm 3 years ago… Nice service, right?

    Could you, please, e-mail me URL of “OCM upgrade program” (if any). I already know about

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