Software Configuration Manager

I just noticed today the Web 2.0 interface of metalink :


The URL is, like Coftware Sonfiguration Manager (or maybe Configuration Software Manager).
[edit: original name is: Configuration Support Manager]

It seems nice, you can customize the portal with drag and drop, their is a blog too and a feedback button I am going to use right now!

Enjoy the new interface to read and update your SR 🙂


7 thoughts on “Software Configuration Manager

  1. APC

    >> Enjoy the new interface to read and update your SR

    This AJAX functionality is part of the Apex3.1 release which is still BETA. However it’s nice to know that Oracle are sufficiently confident of the stability of that release to upgrade important apps like Metalink.

    Cheers, APC

  2. Carl Backstrom

    I don’t think the new parts are based on APEX they are FLEX, which you can use easily with APEX but those are JSP pages, I do beleive large portions of Metalink are still APEX based though.


  3. RHM

    True, is is Flex. And the issues Laurent raises will be fixed. If you are a customer of Oracle, I encourage you to use SCM and file feedback. They are read and we will listen. There is far more to come than is shown. And going to Blog link within SCM is another way of getting your voice heard. Do not use the feedback button in SCM to file SRs.

    Try using SCM tomorrow and see what you think. ;-> Say in the afternoon? Nuf said.


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