11g certification

The 11g OCP certification should be available this year. You can register for the production exam 1Z0-050 New Features on Prometrics and pass the exam on Mon Feb 18th or later, the OCA exams 1Z1-051 SQL Fundamentals and 1Z1-052 Admin I are in beta and the OCP exam 1Z1-053 Admin II is planned for early 2008 (well, the OCA exams are planned for late 2007, so do not rely on this timeframe).
Check the official page :
Oracle Education 11g certification

The 11g OCM is planned for a later date (whatever that means). Well, I am no longer going to wait for the 10g OCM upgrade for 9i OCM… I am not going to do a certification for an older release since 11g exams are available. I will rather do the 11g ocp this year. As I wrote earlier, the 10g OCM was planned for late 2004…

5 thoughts on “11g certification

  1. Polarski bernard

    One big change : now you can’t upgrade to 11g without taking an online course and pay 2900$.

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  3. Wojtek S.

    Good decision regarding 10g OCM. You would be disappointed with 10gcm, it’s quite the same like 9i .. very simple RAC task is not worth even speaking about.

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