What is the lowest and highest possible date in Oracle?

using trunc and round I cannot get lower than -4800 nor higher than 10001 😈 SQL> select trunc(date ‘-4712-1-1′,’CC’) from dual; TRUNC(DATE’-4712-1-1′,’CC’) ———————————- Thursday 1st January 4800 B.C. SQL> select round(date ‘9999-01-01′,’CC’) from dual; ROUND(DATE’9999-01-01′,’CC’) ———————————- Monday 1st January 10001 A.D.

Why cannot I use subquery there?

Is there any rule where you can use scalar subquery? You can use a scalar subquery expression in most syntax that calls for an expression (expr). Well, you cannot use it as the second argument of sys_connect_by_path select sys_connect_by_path(ename, (select ‘/’ from dual)) from emp connect by prior empno=mgr; * ERROR at line 1: ORA-30003: […]