Please send me free OCP questions…

Dear Friends,

Planning to appear for Oracle DB 10g: Administration I exam, Would be very grateful if you send across braindumps/questions/tips related to that.

Pl mail to this id : ***

Many Thanks,

When I appeared to my first multiple choice question exam by Prometrics back in 1997, there were no brain dumps, no free question except the 10 sample questions on the vendor site, and no book. I missed Sun JDK 1.0.2 exam because of the many questions related to and other classes totally unknown to me.

In 2000, I did OCP 8.0 and 8i. That was 5 exams. One of the exam was called Oracle 8.0 Network. I had and I still have never used connection pooling, Oracle Names, Oracle Connection Manager.
So I bought a book to prepare for the certification :

Oracle8 DBA Network Administration Exam Cram

Guess what, I mastered that exam. Those books are fairly useless, you do not really learn something, but you learn questions by heart and passing an exam on a topic you do not know is dramatically easy.

On the Internet, there are hundreds of vendors that sell exam questions. Oracle itself has a kind of partnership with SelfTestSoftware. SelfTestSoftware is an official vendor of test simulators. Well, why paying 99$ for a test? A new trend is to post on the official Oracle Technical Network Certification Forum your email address and beg for free questions. I have alerted about this behaviour.

Is OCM better? Well, at least you must know how to use your fingers to type quickly. I received not less than 50 emails from people asking for the content of the exam.

I passed the OCM in early 2004. Later in 2004, former Oracle Certification Principal Jim DiIanni revealed the content of the Practicum in Oracle Magazine 😯

Recently I did the Oracle Certification Experts beta exams for RAC and SQL. Those exams are also multiple choice tests and could also be a market for illegal certification sites.

If you want to pass the 11g New Features exam, you could also attend to a new feature course.
In OpenWorld next week there are also some mini-lessons from Oracle University like :
Oracle Database 11g: Can I Do That? Introducing 11g SQL and PL/SQL Enhancements
Oracle Ace Lutz Hartmann is giving 11g courses in Switzerland :

9 thoughts on “Please send me free OCP questions…

  1. Tim Hall

    I get so many of these begging requests on my forum, via email and on blog comments. My replies aren’t always the most pleasant, and I take great pride in deleting these posts.

    I think certification generally is in a bad way, not just Oracle. While people think a piece of paper is the answer to their whole career progression, they are going to look for ways to cheat. Sad but true.



  2. Robert Williams

    Laurent, excellent article.

    I am the owner of CertGuard. Thank you for posting our information and helping to deter the usage of braindumps among the Oracle community. If there is anything I can do for you, you now have my email address. Please email me at your convenience just so we can connect.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Robert Williams
    CEO, CertGuard, Inc.

  3. Chris Slattery

    What people are missing is the forward feedback cycle among people whose interest [ financial ] is gained via this.

    For example, there are lots of people who believe [ or are made believe ] that certification is worth a higher paying job…

  4. fucca

    Hi Laurent.

    You wrote that “I passed the OCM in early 2004. Later in 2004, former Oracle Certification Principal Jim DiIanni revealed the content of the Practicum in Oracle Magazine”

    Did have a look on the magazines in question, could not find that?

  5. Dam

    Hi Laurent, i am an oracle certified associate and i will like to know get the genuine ocp exam dumps but can’t find it……….. pls can i get it from you? I mean 11g.

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