SQL Expert?

I have attended the sql certified expert beta exam this morning. There were a lot of errors in it, I added in the comment that they have to groundly review their regular expressions questions. There were a lot of rubbish question, but hardly any challenge, it is more like detecting the incorrect syntax. So I am deceived. I have to wait 3 months for the result, but I expect no more than 90% 😎

They even have an exhibit with a table containing many columns with the same name (!)

Well, I hope they will improve with the comments I made when the production release will come out.

The time to answer the question is sufficient. I had only 139 questions in 3 hours, and I needed only 2 hours actually with plenty of time to review.


  • Oh yes, speaking from personal experience, examiners LOVE IT when you not only ace their exam, but make corrections!! 🙂

  • Umm.. I need to consider rectifying their syntax and other errors when I write my SQL expert exam on 25th of this month.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Laurant.


  • Hi Laurent,

    Well haven’t that experience with the other exams….

    So you enhanced the exam level, that’s nice. By the way did you show up for the other exams?


  • hi!

    I am scheduled to take the same exam on sept 12. Can you give more tips? are there essay type of questions like: list the capabilities of sql select…etc., or are all questions can be answered from a multiple choices? (like a, b, c, d, e, up to what letter or number if it is 1, 2, 3..?)

    I hope you could answer my questions and give more tips. I’m really excited because this would be my very first certification exam in my life!!! I’m so nervous i even dreamed that I almost pass, which means, I failed! hahahaha!

    Your blog is so much of help!
    Thanks a lot!

  • it is all multiple choice question, be sure to know all capabilities of the sql languages. If you know the syntax in the sql ref by heart, you will surely get 90%+

    Good luck for your exam

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