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  1. Don Burleson

    Hi Laurent,

    >> I just cannot wait for this one…

    You love taking tests, don’t you!

    What do you think about people who have zero real-world experience, running about claiming that they are “Oracle Certified Experts”?

    What happens when an Oracle Certified Expert crashes a mission-critical database? Is Oracle at-fault for “expertizing” them?

    Tests are fine and tests are fun, but passing a test, any test, doesn’t make someone a true expert, IMHO.

    This wil be interesting. I’ve seen lots of Oracle certified idiots . . . Hopefully, this test will be rigorous enough to be meaningful . . .

  2. Laurent Schneider Post author

    Even non-experts could attend this test, for sure, and the experts should have no problem list[ing] the capabilities of SQL SELECT statements and Execut[ing] a basic SELECT statement πŸ˜†

    Let’s hope there are some creative questions in the test !

  3. Eriks

    they should put this into exam

    Q: can oracle divide by zero?

    A: no

    Q: are you absolutely sure?

    A: yes

    Q: then why does this work?
    select 1 from dual where exists (select 1/0 from dual)

    A: ???? πŸ™‚

  4. Laurent Schneider Post author

    select 1d/0 from dual;

    Marco, I will rather read the 10gR2 SQL Reference this time, but not the DBA staff (like tablespace, management, audit). Well, I have no idea what version I should use to do the exam, probably the 10gR1, but I think 10gR2 is old enough…

  5. Vit Spinka

    Well, I also read about the SQL OCE exam… Yes, the RAC and Linux OCE exams are fine (I attended the RAC beta, btw.), but I don’t see much point at the SQL exam, at least for people on this level of expertise (OCM, …).

    But definitely, I’m looking forward for your comments regarding the diffculty of the exam etc.

  6. Laurent Schneider Post author

    I hope I will have less mistakes than the documentation…

    The last I found :
    Some valid user-defined function expressions are:
    hr.employees.comm_pct(dependents, empno)@remote

    Instead of
    hr.employees.comm_pct@remote(dependents, empno)

  7. Yuri van Buren

    “I hope I will have less mistakes than the documentation…”

    Thats humour πŸ™‚

    Have fun on the test Laurent.

  8. Ligarius

    Thank you for reply

    You would like to travel to Chile and to dictate some class of oracle? πŸ˜€

    It is necessary to dream….. πŸ˜‰

    See you Laurent

    Hector Gabriel Ulloa Ligarius

  9. Asif Momen


    The question posted by Erik’s is really cool. I am gonna discuss it on my blog.

    Why does this work?
    select 1 from dual where exists (select 1/0 from dual)


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  11. Laurent Schneider Post author

    thanks! I received my test report.

    90%. You may want to review the following objectives :
    – Add Constraints
    – Drop columns and set columns unused
    – User the following types of multitable inserts (nothing follows…)
    – Regular Expression Functions
    – Updates rows in a table
    – Control Transaction

    Well, when trying a add constraint or drop column, I quite frequently looks in the doc for some advanced syntax. The multitable inserts were quite confuse. Update rows in a table? well, what’s that? Control Transaction? Did I miss something with savepoint or so?

    But I must comment about regexp. The questions were miserable. Out of five questions, only one was correctly asked. The question authors would probably get something like 26% if I were asking the questions (this is only 1% more than pure random). I wrote the comments but it apparently did not help.

    Anyway, this is the risk with beta exam πŸ‘Ώ

  12. Shyam

    Hi Laurent,

    I want to prepare for 1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert examination. Can you please let me know the books I need to prepare and if any links to download them for free?

    Thank You,

  13. Laurent Schneider

    Free books? Well, the online doc is free ! go to http://docs.oracle.com

    About some “exam cram”, go to your favorite bookshop and search for 1z0-047.

    My own book cover all what you need regarding joins, subqueries, functions. But it does not cover all the exam content.


  14. Tushar

    Hi Laurent,
    I need some help… I plan to give the SQL Expert exam. I have around an year’s experience in MySQL but that too not deep enough. Can you please tell me what is the amount of time in which I can prepare for the SQL Expert exam considering I can dedicate almost all of my time to it for the next couple of months?
    Also, I’ll use the reference documentation for prep, but what else needs to be done for being ‘exam centric’? Is there any kind of question bank or such stuff that you can point me to?
    Thanks a lot…

  15. mmirsk


    Maybe that won’t be popular advice here but you can try looking for 1z0-047 preparation pdf’s on torrent site’s.
    I’ve seen some stuff there but since my company has skillport CBT’s I am using these to prepare.
    Other option is to look for example questions more official way- even if those are commercial you can always download demo with 15 questions or such.
    Amount of time? It’s hard to say, I mostly did get my sql skills in work. I don’t think I would be enough motivated if I wouldn’t use most of this in my every day activities.

  16. Laurent Schneider Post author


    You may prefer getting free certification questions to train rather than paying 99$ to self test software, but it is not popular as it degrades the value of certification…

    If you can get exam question on torrent and pass it with zero experience, it is no glory πŸ™

    The certification blog contains multiple posts about cheating, you may want to have a look.

    PS: imho, if you pay 99$ on selftestsoftware and pass the expert exam with no experience, it is still degrading the value of certification, ymmv

  17. Tushar

    Hi Laurent,
    Thanks for the reply… I agree with you. As the official prep book for SQL Expert is not yet out, I was thinking of completing the ground work from the SQL Fundamentals I and II books. How would you recommend that? Is the depth in which the matter is covered good enough? Also, is the difficulty level in those books at par with the actual SQL Expert exam?

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