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I have attend the RAC beta exam this afternoon. 181 questions in 3.5 hours, it is a lot of questions! I prepared by reading the 2-day dba RAC document. There are also some questions about Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) with physical and logical standby. Also some question which are Linux speci

I have been short on time, the question were very long to read, and 181 questions in 210 minutes, I did not have the time to review all.

Now I must wait about 10 weeks to get the result, but I am quite optimistic 😎

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  1. Laurent Schneider Post author


    Well, I had at least 2 questions about some special packages you need in Linux only.

    Since it is a beta exam, I had the opportunity to leave a comment on each question I dislike, so maybe those questions will not be retained.

    There is no instant scoring in beta exam.

    Let’s wait 😐

  2. Ravi Prakash

    Hmm….I am also waiting for your Result. Good Luck in the Beta Exam, and please update, as i am more concerend about the Linux, as i have handons on Solaris.

    Ravi 🙂

  3. Laurent Schneider Post author

    Where did you get the result? I looked on 2test.com and it seems I passed, but I did get no official result

    1:30 PM
    Oracle Database 10g R2: Administering RAC Oracle Corporation
  4. zorglub

    Hi Laurent,

    I didn’t pass that exam, but I cannot see the details on which question *I failed /

    Have you got anything from Prometric or Oracle?


  5. zorglub


    Bravo! So you could manage to get it just by reading the 2 days RAC? Or did you pariticipate to the RAC workshop…

    Unfortunately for me I didnt get it so now I’ll need work more on the chapter given by the report from Oracle, which I got after requesting the results 3/4 times from both Oracle and prometric.

    Any advice to help me please let me know.



  6. Laurent Schneider Post author

    actually I have installed RAC on my notebook and tried every command of the 2 days RAC book. I have reported so much feedback about the doc to the doc author that I am even listed as a contributor in the 11g version of the 2-days rac book :mrgreen:

  7. Vit Spinka

    have you already received the results? I just got a “funny” email from Oracle – something like “Dear RAC OCE, we have sent you certificate for Linux OCE, please throw it away. You will get proper RAC OCE certificate soon.”

    I’m not sure whether it means I passed the RAC OCE exam, or not:-)

  8. Vit Spinka

    Hi, also just received an OCE Linux Certificate, and I never even tried the exam. But I’m starting to believe, that I passed the RAC one.

  9. Vit Spinka

    Oh, and have you seen the OCE logos at the OCE Members Website? The JPG version is simply awful – low quality, with a cyan stripe…

  10. Laurent Schneider

    I just received my Score report, and it is just sufficient…

    Rac Administration 70%, Cluster Management 63%, Unscored 33%

    I have been quite lucky on that one. I will probably avoid that kind of beta, it was way to short for 181 questions

  11. Vit Spinka

    Oh, that was close. Congratulations on passing.

    My report arrived today, with 92% for RAC Administration, 81% for Cluster Management, 50% for UnScored, and a 24-point list of objectives “I may want to review”:-)

    The 11g OCP upgrade exam is in beta now – won’t you try it? (It’s open till December, 15th, I think)

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