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11g launch in 15 days

watch the launch event live

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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[…] Oracle will be launching version 11 of their database on July 11. The Oracle blogosphere is getting ready for this with a number of articles. Laurent Schneider has the link to the live video webcast for July 11th. Eddie Awads has a link to an official Oracle presentation on new features. Alex Gorbachev of the Pythian Group is wondering what the name will be; 11g, 11f, 11w, or what… Gary Myers has the news that Application Express (APEX) will be included with Database 11 by default. Then there’s a whole list of blogs by the AMIS guys on specific new or improved features: Transparent Tablespace Encryption, the SQL Performance Analyzer, New sql.bsq structure, XMLType Storage Options and their First Impressions. […]

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