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I have been waiting for three years for the OCM 10g upgrade certification. Still waiting…
OCM DBA 10g Upgrade

Gavin just posted about the Oracle Expert Program

The beta phase has started for 1Z1-046 Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs and 1Z1-048 Administering Real Application Clusters. Those exams will lead to Linux and RAC Certified Expert certifications.

Beta exam 1Z1-312 Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration II has not started yet. This exam will lead to Oracle Application Server OCP certification.

I have never taken a beta exam. They are quite long (3.5 hours), and you have to wait a few months to get your score. Since the OCM DBA 10g has not been released, I may well go for the RAC Expert exam if I have the time in June.

References :
Oracle Certification Program Beta Exams
Expert Program Page

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. Salut Laurent, Well that are also preparing some Linux exam 1Z1-402 strange is that it is possible to take the test at prometric, but on oracle exam list webpage nothing appears about that exam. The only information is that it is under development? Any idea about that and about the topics?

  2. Re-Salut Laurent,
    Thanks for the screenshots, that’s true and now oracle has also published the exam topics also on that beta Linux exam.
    Otherwise I have done the Beta exam Oracle under linux and preparing the RAC exam. Concerning the RAC exam I have only the old 10g r1 RAC material from Oracle University and they have 2 new chapters Oracle Clusterware Administration (New) and Diagnosing the Oracle Clusterware components (New). Do you have any idea where I could find those RAC topics? Thanks Regards, Hubert

  3. My point of view about needed course material for the 1Z1-048 is that the best study source is Oracle ILT (D17276GC20): Oracle Database 10g: RAC for Administrators. It is update for 10g R2 and includes these two new chapters that Hubby mentioned.
    I have been on the beta exam and a lot of questions concerning Oracle 10g R2 were included. The contents of the course are very specific and there a lot of advanced topics that are not covered in Oracle Documentation or even in Metalink.
    For all that are interested, I can share a few more tips about the exam (I hope that this will not be considered as “fraudulent activity” by Oracle 🙂 ):
    – Be prepared for a lot of “multiple choice questions” (around 80%)
    – There are a lot of questions “choose all answers that apply” too
    – The questions are difficult and the given time of 3.5 hours is not enough. Prepare a very good time management strategy if you want to answer all questions in time.
    By my opinion, most of the beta questions will be chosen for the final exam, which means that you must answer correctly to the most of them.

    Best regards,

  4. What, in your view, is an example of a topic that is not covered in Oracle Documentation or Metalink?

  5. I meant that frequently in Oracle advanced courses can be found topics that are not covered in Metalink. This is another reason to attend an ILT course, it can provide you with very valuable information about Oracle internals for example.
    For example: OCR Architecture is explained very well in chapter 9, slides 17,18 and 19. Part of the OCR architecture is the “OCR cache” that each node maintains as its own in-memory copy of OCR. “Only one of the CRS processes actually reads from and writes to the OCR file on shared storage”, etc. Try to search for “OCR cache” in Metalink (in “All sources”) and you will see that only two results will be returned (information for two bugs).

  6. Hi Rado,

    I am preparing for RAC certification, as you guys are expert or I can say Guru in this subject. Just need expert’s advice on this. Where I can get ILT D17276GC20. Do I have to register and enroll for Oracle U?niversity …? Thanks for your help.


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