user identified externally with SSL certificate

Today I configured my database to identify users with certificates.

Check my previous post listener with tcps to find out how to configure a listener with SSL, which is a requisite.

Ok, I have a listener.ora and a tnsnames.ora with SSL. I do not need a sqlnet.ora, the default values work.





# empty file

Now I have one user, lsc, which is going to connect with its own certificate. First, I need to create a wallet for that user. I run owm as lsc, I create a new wallet, a new certification request with the DN:CN=lsc, I copy/paste my certification request in the CA server, I import the user certificate, and I save it in the system default, /etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/lsc.

Now I need to trust that certificate, so I export my user certificate to a file, and make that file readable for oracle. As oracle, I run the wallet manager owm, I import the trusted user certificate, and I save in system default, /etc/ORACLE/WALLETS/oracle.

One more thing I need to configure now is the wallet location for lsc in the sqlnet parameter file. To avoid conflicts, I create a specific sqlnet for that user in homedir called .sqlnet.ora (with a leading dot).



Last thing to do : create the user in sqlplus.

SQL> show parameter os_authent_prefix

NAME               VALUE
------------------ ------------------------------
os_authent_prefix  ops$

SQL> create user ops$lsc identified externally as 'CN=lsc';

User created.

SQL> grant create session to ops$lsc;

Grant succeeded.

Now I can remotely log on my database without a password.

SQL> connect /@LSC07

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