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OEM Generic service

I want to monitor the output of one script in OEM.

Let’s say my script is that easy :

echo $RANDOM

So I go to

  • OEM 10gR2 Grid Control
  • All Targets
  • Add Generic Service – Go
  • Name : random
  • Select System : EM Website System
  • Define availability based on: Service Test
  • Test Type: custom test
  • Name : random
  • Collection Frequency : 1 minute
  • Command line : /home/oracle/
  • Username : oracle
  • Password : oracle
  • Add Beacon : oemsrv01_beacon
  • Next – Next – Finish
  • That’s all, your generic service is ready. Wait a bit, you will see this in your targets list. You can then click on perform in your “random” homepage and chose “custom metric 1” to have a graph of your values ($RANDOM).

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    By Laurent Schneider

    Oracle Certified Master

    5 replies on “OEM Generic service”

    Hello Laurent – you almost caught me with the spam protection 😉

    regarding the post – have you looked into User-defined metrics to do the same thing? there are a couple problem with UDMs but maybe something to look into for the example above.

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