I am in the process in installing Oracle 10gR2 patch 2 with response file. There is no plenty of disk available, but installing a patch does not require as much space as specified by the runInstaller. when I start in silent mode, I get : $ ./runInstaller -responseFile /home/oracle/10202.rsp -silent Starting Oracle Universal Installer… —————————————————————————– […]

search for a string in all tables of a schema

this is often asked on the forums. I also needed this a while ago while reverse engineering a database model. Here is my today solution: 1) select * and extract the first column found per table with regexp (10g) SQL> select table_name,column_name from (select rownum,table_name, regexp_substr(dbms_xmlgen.getxml(‘select * from “‘||table_name||’”‘),'<[^>]*>&string</[^<]*>’) column_name from user_tables) where length(column_name)!=0; Enter […]

Oracle 9iR2 desupport

How long is Oracle 9iR2/10g going to be supported? Infinitely! Metalink updated the upcoming desupport advisory. For 8iR3, you had something like : Error Correction Support (ECS): 31-DEC-2004 Extended Support (ES): 31-DEC-2007 Extended Maintenance Support (EMS): 31-DEC-2006 Now for 9iR2, 10gR1, 10gR2, you have this : Release GA Date Premier Extended Sustaining Support Support Support […]

su in sqlplus

How to switch user in Oracle ? One approach is to change the password : SQL> connect / as sysdba Connected. SQL> select password from dba_users where username=’SCOTT’; PASSWORD —————————— F894844C34402B67 SQL> alter user scott identified by abc123; User altered. SQL> connect scott/abc123 Connected. SQL> create table t… SQL> connect / as sysdba Connected. SQL> […]

Welcome to the Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Beta Program!

Today is a good day, I have been accepted to the beta program and will be able to download 11gR1 beta 4 shortly. There is a Confidential Disclosure Agreement, so do not expect to read more on 11g here before the production release. My blog articles about 11g in OpenWorld 2006: 11g New Features 11g […]

I successfully installed 10gR2 patchset 2 on my notebook : SQL> select ACTION,VERSION,COMMENTS from registry$history; ACTION VERSION COMMENTS ——- ———- —————————— CPU CPUOct2006 UPGRADE Upgraded from SQL> select COMP_NAME,VERSION,STATUS from dba_registry; COMP_NAME VERSION STATUS ———————————– ———- ———– Oracle Expression Filter VALID Oracle Database Catalog Views VALID Oracle Database Packages and […]