Chinese Chess Swiss Champion 2006

I was honored to receive this trophy yesterday :

Xiangqi Schweizermeister

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By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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Brilliant Laurent; Congratulation’s from Holland !!!

(it seems the money spend at OOW2K6 paid off 😉

Bonjour M. Laurent

a Poker Robot’s link on my blog led me to your blog. But I am not a Robot. Je ne suis pas un Robot, ich nicht bin eine Robot.

Do you mean *Go* when you say “Chinese Chess”?

If you mean Go — congratulations! That game is harder than Chess! You’re a genuine Rocket Scientist!

(I’m a terrible Go player. I think my handicap is 11 stones.)

A long time ago I wrote about Computer Go on my website. The website is gone, but the Go Club de France stole my Computer Go webpage and keeps it alive. (It’s the only page on their site en anglais — quelle honneur!) I think you’ll enjoy it:

Congratulations again on the trophy! As my relatives say: That is not chopped liver! (“Cette n’est pas pate” is not a very good translation.)

Bob USA (and Planet Vleeptron)

Uh-oh, I just saw photos of your tournament, and that spiel/jeu ist nicht *Go.”

Now you can have a new ambition: Become the finest GO player in CH!

Bon chance! Good luck!

well, there are much more go players than xiangqi players here. I started playing go with the age of 10 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, but I have never been good at that game. If you like, we can have a game at

Hi, Laurent:

I’m from CHINA and I reach your blog when searching ‘_XPT’ by GOOGLE.

I’m a little amazed at an OCM guy who is also interested in Chinese 象棋. Maybe you are much more talented than me to it. 🙂

Some part of my daily work is related to Oracle database. There must be lots of stuffs I can learn here.

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