Restrict network access to listener

If I have a limited number of db clients which are authorized to access my listener, I can restrict access to my listener by setting only two parameters in sqlnet.ora. TCP.VALIDNODE_CHECKING = yes TCP.INVITED_NODES = (dbclient001,chltlxlsc1) chltlxlsc1 is my db server, I include it in the list, it is required to start the listener locally. […]

How To Add The Domain Name Of The Host To Name Of The Agent

I have been looking for this note for ages : Metalink note 295949.1 Now I know how to rename my targets in Grid Control! the trick is to stop the agent AH/emctl stop agent to remove the upload and state files/subdirectories cd AH/sysman/emd find state upload recv agntstmp.txt lastupld.xml protocol.ini -type f -exec rm {} […]

difference between two dates

How can i get the difference in days between two dates, d1 and d2 ? – for example : with t as (select to_date(‘2000-02-01′,’YYYY-MM-DD’) d1, to_date(‘2000-01-23′,’YYYY-MM-DD’) d2 from dual) select d1,d2,d2-d1 from t; D1 D2 D2-D1 ———- ———- ———- 01.02.2000 23.01.2000 -9 How can i get the difference in hours:minutes:seconds between two dates, d1 and […]

alias oraver 2.0

Thanks to an anonymous comment in my post yesterday, I can now provide a more flexible version of my alias, which do not require the database to be running nor the sysdba privilege $ alias oraver oraver=’echo ‘\”ORACLE_SID VERSION %CPU RSZ VSZ START_TIME’\”;awk -F: ‘\”/^[^ *#]/{print “printf 42%-9s %11s %5s %8s %8s %s\\n42″,$1,”$(ORACLE_HOME=”$2,$2″/bin/sqlplus -v 2>/dev/null|cut […]

ps -ef |grep pmon alternative

I just wrote a new alias to check if the databases are up and running. I added the version and a dash for non-running database. Needed is /etc/oratab + sysdba access to the database. Here it is : awk -F: ‘/^[^*# ]/{system(“echo 42select 47+ “$1″ 1147||version from v\\$instance;42|ORACLE_SID=”$1″ ORACLE_HOME=”$2” “$2″/bin/sqlplus -s 42/ as sysdba42 2>/dev/null|grep […]