Application Server 10gR3 on Suse Linux 10

I just download and installed Oracle Application 10g Release 3 on my linux box. The version released this week is very light! No ldap, no database, well, a light one… Application Server 10g Release 3 x86: 531 MB Included: * Oracle HTTP Server * Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J) * Oracle Enterprise Manager […]

Recursive PL/SQL

it will be a good week ! I found an elegant way to solve a query with recursive pl/sql. an user wanted to have DHSGHDADSFDF translated in DHSGAF, that is, duplicated chars removed, order retained. here is my function : create or replace function f(v varchar2) return varchar2 is begin if (v is null) then […]

raptor early adopter release 3 is out

This is THE release I have been waiting for, a raptor which does NOT save the password on your local PC. Save a password, even encrypted, on you local PC allows every one with physical access to your PC to get access to your productive database, which may be high-secured and with controlled physical access. […]

static expression

Using Static Expressions with Conditional Compilation defines the kind of expression you can use with conditional compilation… I got one question on today, an user wanted to use bitand and could not. I wrote my answer but, … , the site is down and eventually my answer did not get accepted. So, to translate […]


most of the time I use set autot trace exp in order to get the execution plan. It seems more easy than explain plan for [query]; followed by select * from table (dbms_xplan.display);. However, take care, set autotrace traceonly explain does modify the rows if you explain a plan for insert/update/delete. SQL> set autot trace […]


this is a 10gR2 new feature. It is no longer necessary to recreate the control file to increase those parameters. Actually, you do not have to change them, they change “automatically” Demo SQL> CREATE DATABASE MAXDATAFILES 5 MAXINSTANCES 1 MAXLOGFILES 2 MAXLOGMEMBERS 1 extent management local default tablespace users default temporary tablespace temp undo tablespace […]

select * from test where my_long like ‘%toto%’

A good way to learn is to try to answer user questions. Instead of referencing other posts, I tried today to answer that frequently asked question myself on (french forum) SQL> create table test ( my_long long); Table created. SQL> insert into test values (‘hello toto !’); 1 row created. SQL> exec for r […]

oem grid control 10gR2 on Suse10

Last friday I installed RAC on my Suse10. Today, I installed Grid Control. Of course it is not supported. The packages I neeeded additionaly are db1 and openmotif. It did not work 100%. I finally started the iasconsole (emctl start iasconsole), and within the iasconsole, I restarted the failed elements. I created the repository manually […]

clear screen reports cleared columns, breaks and computes

$ echo clear screen|sqlplus scott/tiger SQL> columns cleared breaks cleared computes cleared but if I quit properly, it does not report that $ echo “clear screen quit”|sqlplus scott/tiger SQL> a good reason to improve the quality of your shell script by quitting at the end 😉

Suse10 10gR2 Laptop RAC

Hi, [EDIT] I did read Dizwell article about Linux 10g Laptop RAC. The article is no longer available [/EDIT] I have just installed RAC 10gR2 on Suse10. The document above guided me thru the steps. Specific Suse10 : – raw devices are configured by editing /etc/raw with values like raw1:loop1 and must be activated with […]