the forums I use

on otn :
1) SQL and PL/SQL
2) Database General
3) iSQL*Plus
4) Documentation Feedback

when otn is down or too slow, I read the metalink forums. Especially SQL*Plus and Oracle PL/SQL. If necessary, I post questions on the DBA Administration forum.

to post questions/comments specific to security, I go to Pete Finnigan’s Oracle Security Forum.

Sometimes I post comments on the asktom site. About leap years, number to octal, number to words…

Occasionaly, I visit the Dizwell Forum, just to grab some interesting post…

When it is nice weather, I go to usenet

And of course, I use google a lot to find new places to go !

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

5 replies on “the forums I use”

> There is a lot more stuff in the English
> forums, I don’t find as much in the French
> ones.
this is true, but still there is also good quality answers on the forum mentioned above.

On, I rather quickly say “RTFM”. On a french forum, the user is not supposed to be capable of reading english ;-(

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