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oracle10gR2 on suse10

I prefer and recommend using Oracle on a supported version, like Suse Entreprise 9, because the installation is fair. The Installer does complain on SLES9 what is missing.

Ok, I just received a brand new notebook, I decided to go to Suse 10, and, Ô Miracle, the installation was pretty easy! I surely installed C++ development tools (how can I survive without a C compiler), but I missed the libaio and libaio-devl. Well, I installed it afterwards and my create database statement succeeded.

Sincerly, installing Oracle 10gR2 on Suse 10 is no longer a pain as it was before with non-supported versions.

I am so happy 😉

Well, my gnome evolution ms-exchange connector is still not working, but this I will fix asap

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

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