Do you shu or do you spo?

When I quit ftp command line, I do not type quit, nor bye, because it is too long. I rather type “by”.

Does it sound strange and meaningless to abbreviate “bye” in “by” ? Well, I have a few favorites

SQL> set lin 999
SQL> rollb
SQL> spo f
SQL> shu
SQL> spo off

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master


  1. see, learn something new every day. I knew about the short sqlplus commands but:

    ops$tkyte@ORA10GR2> roll
    Rollback complete.

    did not know that, not sure I like it… sqlplus commands – sure, but SQL commands – it shouldn’t be.

  2. I started reading the hitchiker guide to the galaxy (in english!), but I have not reached the 42 part yet…

    I read the STRAG part, which is not related to string aggregation, but to a non-hitchhiker!

  3. Hi Laurent,
    I’ve looked at home, I’ve the wrong version of the hitch hike guide. It’s the german one.

    I think I’ll buy the english one, but first I’ve to do some paper work


  4. Hitchhiker’s guide is the funiest book I have ever read. It is also very good for quotes. Some I like best:

    – Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
    – And for an encore man proved that black was white and got killed on the next zebra crossing
    and specifically:
    – And the only thing the bowl op petunias thought was: oh no, not again.

    happy reading

  5. I finished the hitchhiker guide, and just started part II, the restaurant at the end of the universe.

    One quote :
    “He has personality problems beyond the dreams of analysts.”

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