Last day

Very intense last day. In the morning I waked up late, and just went to OTN lounge. Well, I meet Puschitz, which speaks german too because he is austrian, and also Wim. I then ran to Moscone South for my XQuery session. Very interresting indeed…

In the afternoon, pure DBA staff :
1) shared memory
very interresting, difficult staff
2) dss
a lot of nice improvement, but highly soporific presentation
3) storage
great great great presentation from Amit Ganesh, Storage Director at oracle

Than I had a talk with Joel and Arup and a glass of wine in the garden. Than I came in the hotel, I have been kindly invited for a glass of red wine by Barbara and Lisa, two lawyers residing also in the argent hotels, thanks if you read me!

Well, I had to pack, reserve my shuttle, organise wake-up service for 05:00am

2 thoughts on “Last day

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Laurent,

    Bravo pour le blog.

    Merci de faire partager tes connaissances au plus grand nombre.

    Chose qui n’est pas aisé dans le cadre pro ou les gens ont tendance à s’accrocher à leur connaissance comme des desespérés à leurs boués.

    Une attitude que j’essayes de me souvenir le plus possible et de propager.


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