OpenWorld SanFrancisco

Well, next month I am going to SF for OOW 2K5. I am invited by Oracle to participate to the Meet the expert session (otn underground). I cannot stand waiting to meet my oracle forums pals alive! I am also taking part to the xtreme sessions and I expect them to be xtreme!

It almost 20 years I have not been in the states. I am very excited !

I already installed DB 10gR2 on my notebook. It has been very easy. I first installed as a virtual machine (vmware) RedHat Entreprise Linux 3 update 3. Then Oracle. My collegues did a little bit complain about the 5 giga download, because the whole network was slow. Only 1 cd is necessary for DB installation. Rest is companion, client, clusterware, grid, etc…

I hope I can get a working 10gR2 grid in SF ! Even a beta release would be great 🙂