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set pages 50000

I have often see set pagesize 50000 or set pages 9999, just to avoid page break.

I wonder how many line break will appears when the select grow over 50000…

A cool solution is to use embedded with pagesize 0

SQL> set emb on pages 0 newp 0

By Laurent Schneider

Oracle Certified Master

8 replies on “set pages 50000”

This is really helpful.
I have one more problem.
How to remove dotted lines like “——-” after heading?

U can contact me on “”

Hi, nice tip, hope you can help with that one: I must generate a flat file with over 100 thousand lines and with one heading.
If I set pagesize to 0, I get no heading at all. If I set pagesize to 50000, I get more than one heading.
I´ve tried several combinations but none worked!
Regards, Paulo

Tks, it would be perfect if I weren´t using TTITLE, because my select is like that: field1||’;’||field2 etc. So, I had to set head off.
Regards, Paulo

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