Grid without X

We just received new PCs. Brand new with XP. Nice? Let’s see!

As usual, I started my Exceed and logged on my AIX server. I tried to start the Grid Control Engine (opmn). Hard luck. Failed to start OC4J instance 🙁

The first problem is, when I installed the Grid, my old workstation DISPLAY name has been registered in opmn.xml!
The second problem, my server has no graphic card, and no X server running.
Actually, I do not need X on this server. But to let the Grid start, I will use Frame Buffer. In AIX, you install X11.vfb base package, then mkitab “xvfb:2:once:/usr/lpp/X11/bin/X -force -vfb :1 >tmp/x.txt 2>&1″ to start it at the next reboot. Start it now as well.
Then edit your opmn.xml file and set the DISPLAY variable to localhost:1

<variable id=”DISPLAY” value=”localhost:1″/>