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XMLRoot desupport

XMLRoot has been deprecated since 12cR2 and desupported since 21c. Still, it is not really obvious to understand how to generate a prolog. Also, you couldn’t specify the encoding. Well, one could fake the version with double quote, but this is not recommended, there even was some dirty SQL injection in oldish versions. select xmlroot(xmlelement(x),version […]


How to select xml with DTD ? Imagine this XML code SQL> select xmltype( ‘<!DOCTYPE FOO SYSTEM “/public/test/foo.dtd”><FOO/>’, wellformed => 1) xml from dual; XML —————————————————– <!DOCTYPE FOO SYSTEM “/public/test/foo.dtd”><FOO/> Most validations are done with XSD and not DTD, so it is not that easy, even google probably lead you here 😉 Create the dtd […]