future of MySQL

a google search on oracle and mysql will returns concerns about the future of MySQL. When SUN bought mysql, the enthousiasm was also not unanimous in the opensource community. But now it really need repositioning.

I was just reading : http://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/unlimited.html
Deploy an unlimited number of MySQL Enterprise Servers for the price of
a single CPU of Oracle Enterprise Edition

Today, there are over 5,000 organizations that spend more than $1Million on
License fees to Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and IBM. In many cases, that’s money
that doesn’t need to be spent. Not only does open source save money, it
provides an architecture that is more scalable for modern web-based applications.
No wonder open source software has become a strategic initiative for CIOs & CFOs
in many organizations.

Clearly this need repositioning. (For Oracle, money need to be spent 😈 )

On the redundant offering MySQL and Oracle Database Express Edition, I could imagine Oracle will get rid of the free edition. Oracle seems to put effort on not releasing any database patch or security patch and the amount of features as well as the cpu/memory limitation are just way to annoying.

This is why I believe MySQL will survive XE.

Pure guess of course…