disable commit in procedure

There is an obscure syntax that prevents a procedure from issuing a commit alter session DISABLE COMMIT IN PROCEDURE; According to the doc, it prevents procedure from committing your data Test case SQL> alter session DISABLE COMMIT IN PROCEDURE Session altered. SQL> create table t(x number) Table created. SQL> create or replace procedure p is… Continue reading disable commit in procedure

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On implicit commit

An explicit commit is when you issue a COMMIT statement SQL> create table t(x number); Table created. SQL> insert into t values(1); 1 row created. SQL> commit; Commit complete. An implicit commit is when a commit is issued without your approval. ex: AUTOCOMMIT (default is OFF) SQL> set autoc on SQL> insert into t values(1);… Continue reading On implicit commit

committing transaction

When and how do you commit a transaction? SQL> insert into lsc_t(x) values(1); … (1) not committed SQL> commit; … (1) committed SQL> insert into lsc_t(x) values(2); … (2) not committed SQL> alter table lsc_t disable primary key; … (2) committed SQL> set autocommit ON SQL> insert into lsc_t(x) values(3); … (3) committed SQL> set… Continue reading committing transaction

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